Download Yonsei Korean 4-1 (PDF + CD)

Download Yonsei Korean 4-1 (PDF + CD)Yonsei Korean 4-1

Use grammar learned in Level 1 through Level 3 as a basis to create varied expressions. Expand the breadth of not only common vocabulary but also Sino-Korean vocabulary, and thus better understand Korean culture and the way of thinking. In addition to daily conversation skills, students will be able to write and speak in length and specifically about personal opinions on familiar topics. Listen and understand conversations and writings that are relatively long and diverse in content. Read and understand to acquire knowledge about Korean society and culture.

(가능한 경우 독자는 저자를 지원하기 위해 전국 서점에서 원본을 구입해야합니다.)

Download Ebook + CD : Here

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